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Book 1 Synopsis

Araline’s safe, secure world within her parent’s castle is about to come to an end. She is tasked by her father to carry a precious stone to the Temple of Birth to be recharged to keep an immortal invader trapped beyond their world. Araline agrees to the journey and brings Prince Leonard as a protector and guide.

When Araline reaches the temple, she learns that this is just the beginning of her journey. Four more temples await, each testing her. She must give everything she’s got in order to pass the trials which await. They continue to travel and complete the journey as each temple teaches her more about herself and their world. She is determined to stop the invasion, but it may cost her everything she holds dear—even her life. Can she give up everything to save her world?

Author's Note:

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time to come by my site! This is where you’ll find all of the new information about my books as they are released as well as any upcoming events/specials. I don’t have a mailing list set up yet, but feel free to support me by emailing me (Casey@caseybunch.com.) with suggestions or words of encourgement. Follow me on Twitter for updates and to show your support. For manual adds: @Casey_Bunch

For now, here is the latest: The Goddess Stone is now available on Lulu, Amazon, and Apple books. Will be on Kobo and other ebook sellers soon. Their sites all have their individual criteria and timelines. I’ll post when I know that they have all cleared and placed the book for sale. If you see the books on there, and I haven’t posted, email me!

The site’s content will be updated to include information about Maroba, with pages for the characters, Goddesses, and details about each province. There is even a clickable map in the works to help navigation. Please be patient as the updates roll through!